World of light take over by UCLA Alumni & KTCTN

By World of light (other events)

Fri, Aug 16 2019 10:00 PM PDT Sat, Aug 17 2019 2:00 AM PDT

A group of UCLA Design and Media Art alumni will take over the World of Lights main auditorium under the collective, Urgent Care. This will be the first official event for the group which includes an eclectic group of digital artists. Most of the members of Urgent Care have been working for major artists or in the music industry creating large scale concert visuals for the likes of David Gilmore, The Weeknd, Coachella, and music tours around the world. In an effort to bring unconventional and experimental art to the gallery space and night life of Los Angeles, Urgent Care has brought together a group of friends to transform 15,000 sqft into an immersive gallery at World of Light. On August 16th the walls of the old LA pacific stock exchange will be transformed into a canvass for light and sound. Urgent Care has teamed with music magazine and blog, KLCTN, to close out the night with a surprise lineup of performers and musicians.  The event wouldn’t be possible without the support from Panasonic Projectors and acclaimed studios; VT Pro Design, Strangeloop Studios, and of course the pioneer World of Light.


Nate Mohler 

Will Wharton

Alec Maassen


Tyler Lamptree